WARE'S ME is part of the "Little Smiling Minds" project as developer of the "CountOnForest" and "CountOnSeaApps. "Little Smiling Minds" is an educational project aiming at developing children's cognition functions, using gaming and applying the most recent scenitific knowledge in education and cognitive psychology. Learning is an active process, and practicing it could be a game! "Little Smiling Minds" is an idea by Focus, Digital Accademia and Daniela Lucangeli (University of Padua).

From a book by Kite Edizioni, and in collaboration with Digital Accademia, an innovative and magical App designed and created for children from 0 to 6 years (and beyond)! A story without words in which children are free to wander in an endless exploration of the PRIMARY COLORS and MUSICAL THEMES that accompany them. A yellow owl, a red rabbit, a blue cat and an unexpected grey wolf are the protagonists of this App which teaches to mix colours and melodies. The animals mingle, the colours mix, the melodies merge and what happens? You get a fierce - or super sweet?? - wolf! Read more about Partou at the "Bologna Children's Book Fair" here.

Partou and Grow the Planet together for a must-have app: TomMeetsHistory, characteristics and growing techniques of the tomato in a short story, a play and the possibility to grow real tomatoes. Download TomMeets, the new app by Partou, and discover everything about tomatoes along with Tom the tomato and Lord Bug (his Ladybug-bodyguard). Prepare the soil, seed and collect the tomatoes. With TomMeets you will become a super expert! TomMeets brings children to the world of nature and to a healthy diet, through appealing graphics, compelling stories, amazing games. Let the children learn while playing!


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