About us

PARTOU is a brand of WARE's ME that designs and produces contents for mobile devices with high educational value intended for children aged between 3 and 10 years, using original methods and designs to entertain children while they learn. 

For today's children, the so-called digital natives, the social and learning ambitions advance jointly; hence the growing overlap between games and learning tools, which provides an increased motivation to improve their cognitive skills. 

Based on the belief that digital tools are an opportunity, not an obstacle, we create virtual and interactive objects with the utmost attention to languages (sensory and visual ones) that affect the emotional, cognitive, psychological and relational areas of the children they aim to reach. 

Particular attention is paid, on our part, to children with special needs. Therefore, we have been putting up with strong will and passion some ad hoc projects through our collaboration with organisations and companies like MAGIC RADIO, a non-profit organisation devoted to projects aimed at spreading the culture of listening to quality programmes and inclusion, and AUXILIA, company dedicated to assistive technology and therapeutic support of persons with physical and communication difficulties. We believe that playing and learning through high-quality digital tools and new technologies is a right of all children and this belief is part of our mission.



Partou is curious and cheerful, a bit naive and a little resourceful, confident and insecure at the same time. He's just like all of us. Like all our children.

Partou is everywhere. All you need to do is start looking around.

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